Ben Arnold podcast with PrimeAlpha

Redefining Global Multi-Asset Outsourced Trading Services with Ben Arnold of Meraki Global Advisors

We are thrilled to be featured on PrimeAlpha’s Alternatives Visionaries & Innovators Podcast Series

Benjamin Arnold is the Founder and Managing Partner of Meraki Global Advisors, a buy-side solution that provides global multi-asset trading, leverage management, and capital introduction services to sophisticated and diversified clients. With an independent and unconflicted approach, Meraki helps partners manage complex strategies and asset classes across the globe.

“In my career journey, I took a unique path that led me through various roles in the finance industry. After starting at UBS Private Wealth Management, I realized I was more interested in institutional trading. Following my interest, I moved to London and interned at a firm teaching finance courses to investment bank employees. I learned about complex financial instruments and decided to pursue trading. I joined a Tiger spinout and then moved to Asian Century Quest, trading Asian equities from New York. I eventually realized I needed to be in Asia and moved to Hong Kong with my wife’s support.

After exploring different options, I ventured into sell-side trading and received multiple job offers. I chose India, where I worked at BNP Paribas and later Goldman Sachs, covering large institutions and trading various asset classes. Eventually, we returned to the US, and I founded Meraki Global Advisors, an outsourced trading firm. We started small and thoughtfully grew the business globally with offices in Park City and Hong Kong.

Our approach is different. We tailor our trading services to each client’s unique needs, fitting into their workflow instead of imposing a standardized model. We focus on bespoke solutions, supporting various asset classes and regions, and working closely with clients to provide expert trading insights. Our goal is ensuring clients have the support they need around the clock.

Looking ahead, we plan to expand our services further, including obtaining licenses for London and exploring opportunities in credit markets, crypto, and capital introduction. We’re dedicated to serving our clients’ needs and maintaining our commitment to providing trading solutions.”