Grace Gutekanst

Director of Business Operations and Client Partnerships

Grace brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned Technology and Financial professional, having successfully built out client onboarding teams with record-breaking ROI and managed over 30 technology companies and 140 private wealth management families. Her expertise and leadership in these areas have made a significant impact on the organizations she has served.

Prior to joining Meraki Global Advisors, Ms. Gutekanst held a Lead Client Success position at Nace Partners, a renowned technical recruiting firm specializing in filling high-level roles for global fintech companies. As Lead Client Success, Grace excelled in nurturing relationships with over 40 software companies on behalf of the firm’s CEO, contributing to their growth and success. Prior to Nace Partners, Grace played a vital role as a key member of the Client Onboarding team at BBR Partners, a distinguished boutique wealth management firm located in Manhattan, NY. Throughout her four years at BBR Grace spearheaded the implementation of the client onboarding infrastructure, while also managing the firm’s clients throughout the onboarding process.