Outsourced Trading Firm Staffing Up

Meraki Global Advisors was featured this week in Hedge Fund Alert. Michael Bodley highlights our firm’s pure buyside offering and exciting growth in the rapidly expanding space. The high-quality talent and sophisticated clients we attract is testament to the one of a kind platform we offer hedge funds, family offices, and asset managers.

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Article Summary:

The article by Hedge Fund Alert discusses the growth and developments of Meraki Global Advisors, an outsourced-trading firm founded by former Goldman Sachs trader Benjamin Arnold in May 2019. Initially starting with two clients, Meraki Global Advisors has expanded rapidly, primarily within hedge funds and family offices.

To support this expansion, Meraki has hired industry veterans, including Eric Savitz, previously the head of outsourced trading at Weeden Prime Services, who will join E.J. Stockley as co-head of trading. (Since the publication of this article, Meraki has expanded to Hong Kong while also hiring traders to maintain the targeted 3:1 client ratio Meraki maintains so that clients see their trading desk as an extension of their firm.)

Meraki Global Advisors works across various asset classes and has hired additional personnel specializing in credit products to increase their multi-asset expertise. Their client base has an average of more than $500 million under management, with each client trading across various asset classes. The firm also offers back- and middle-office support functions, which have been praised for their cost-effectiveness and ability to maintain a low profile when maneuvering in illiquid markets.

One notable aspect of Meraki’s approach is that they work through brokers with whom the client already has an existing relationship, allowing the client to prioritize and allocate their commission wallet to key counterparties. This strategy is aimed at providing clients with a familiar and trusted trading environment without sacrificing access to resources.

Meraki offers a way to efficiently allocate resources while maintaining a focus on intelligent trading strategies. Benjamin Arnold’s background in both sell- and buy-side firms, along with the experience of the newly hired industry veterans, positions Meraki for further growth in the outsourced-trading industry.

About Meraki Global Advisors

Meraki Global Advisors was founded with a rebellious determination to deliver truly conflict-free services to asset managers. Headquartered in Park City, Utah with offices in New York and Hong Kong, Meraki provides outsourced global multi-asset trading, leverage management, and capital introduction services to the asset management industry. Meraki Global Advisors LLC is a FINRA member and SEC Registered. Meraki Global Advisors (HK) Ltd is licensed and regulated by the Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

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Mary McAvey
VP of Business Development