Global Multi-Asset Trading

When savvy traders and technology are leveraged and combined properly, a trading desk becomes a source of competitive advantage and potentially increased returns.

Bespoke solutions to fit every asset manager’s distinct requirements

A global buy-side trading desk has been independently estimated to cost $2.73MM, this is a significant cost many managers could live without. By outsourcing the trading desk function, a fund manager can reduce fixed costs, improve execution, and leverage technology without upgrading internal infrastructures. The increasingly multifaceted & fragmented markets have also resulted in an extraordinarily difficult environment for fund managers to generate alpha. Cost-saving opportunities must be recognized, so long as they do not compromise the integrity and success of the business. As markets continuously become more complex, technological and qualitative skills for traders have become increasingly vital.

We offer solutions to aid every unique circumstance, whether it’s outsourcing the entire trading desk function, adding an additional trading resource to expand a fund’s reach into new products or regions, or fill in for traders during vacation or unforeseen circumstances.

Competitive Edge

Our 24-hour trading desk incorporates a systematic process giving us more functionality via dynamic technology, turning experienced traders’ intuition into sophisticated, and more importantly, evidenced-based decisions. CIOs and Investors can take comfort knowing they have the highest caliber traders and technology tending to their most important assets versus alternative solutions driven by a pure cost cutting exercise.

The role of the high touch trader continues to be imperative in sourcing liquidity and enhancing execution quality & capacity. Managing substantial volumes of increasingly complex orders across various asset types is becoming the norm for traders. An inexperienced trader internally or externally executing and monitoring a fund’s investments is a risk CIOs can ill afford.

A fund manager can be confident all information shared with his or her siloed and dedicated trader is private. Essentially, the information remains under the purview of select individuals in the same way it would with an internal trading desk. We do not shop, share, or execute flow internally, eliminating the potential for compromised confidentiality and moral hazard risk.

Dedicated Senior Trader(s) Coverage

A fund can utilize our tools, or their own, to securely share their portfolio with their trader. This allows him or her to function as if he is sitting next to the portfolio manager. The trader can diligently and accurately monitor real-time portfolio metrics and provide PMs with precise updates, receive orders in bps of AUM, assist in structuring optimal hedges, adhere to client best-ex policies, and perform as true extension of a funds investment team.

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Global Multi-Asset Trading

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