Why Meraki

All outsourced trading platforms are not equal. Firms considering an outsourced trading partner should confirm their outsourced partner is truly unconflicted and capable of representing their interests in the market in a manner in which they see fit.


A true buy-side offering, viewed as an extension of a fund’s investment team 100% of the time. Impossible to be viewed as a street competitor.

  • Independent. Not a division of a broker-dealer or Investment bank

  • Meraki does not have a clearing arrangement(s) for affecting trades

  • Solely provides outsourced trading & operational solutions

  • No traditional broker services

  • Treated as Buy-Side Desk

    • Indications of Interest(IOIs), flows, and deals from the street

  • Unconflicted execution strategy

    • Executions strictly with a client's counterparties as their authorized trader

  • Flows are not internalized

    • Internalizing liquidity creates an inherent conflict of interest

    • Crossing flow in-house creates a street competitor and traditional broker


Executes orders as if they are a sophisticated internal buy-side desk.

  • 24 x 6 Global Multi-Asset Trading Coverage

  • Full trade lifecycle support

  • State of the art Buy-side trading tools including EMS, TCA, Algos/Dark Pools etc.

  • Access to Alternative Trading Systems(ATS)/Multi-lateral Trading Facilities(MTF)

  • Full buyside access a lot of competitors don't receive

  • Ability to secure short-borrow and negotiate rates with client's PB(s)

  • Improve client's operational efficiency and expand flexibility

Client Relevance

Client’s name always at the forefront, all executions in their accounts.

  • All commissions paid to the street are accrued in client's name & account

    • Commission management and wallet depolyment inline with firms goals

    • Broker Management

    • Meraki does not have internal trading accounts with any broker-dealers

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